Nestled on the banks of the Rhein and surrounded by enchanted vineyards, Cellusana’s family Headquarters of affiliated companies (Humanio, Stephanie Dreyer Naturalpraxis, Medi Versal, Cordero, Cell Immune, Vermonde) is located in Bingen Germany.

Our Journey

Cellusana Founder, Stephanie Dreyer, began her journey toward cell therapy applications on a quest to find a possible cure for her son, Dominik. As an infant, Dominik was diagnosed with a serious blood condition and was not expected to survive past his third birthday. By applying research and the growing understanding of cell therapy, however, Stephanie was able to treat the condition with great success. Today Dominik is in his 30’s and involved in the ongoing efforts to improve cell therapy technology and make it more accessible.

Dreyer founded her clinic in Germany in 1986, emphasizing the use of stem cell therapy and other complimentary medical techniques. It is this experience, building on and expanding the research of Dr. Albert Landsberger, that has led to the creation of the Cellusana Skin Care, products that address the needs of damaged and sensitive skin.



what inspires us…


what inspires us…


Our Origins

The roots of today’s Cellusana products and treatments go back through the history of modern cell therapy. Our cell peptide formulations have undergone constant refinements since emerging on the scene over 40 years ago as a way to address a variety of medical conditions.

Research has shown that patients receiving treatment for serious burns benefitted from the use of stem cell technology. Treated skin healed more quickly with significantly less scarring.

Continuing the research, Heidelberg University’s Prof. Dr. Albert Landsberger developed a regenerating stem cell ointment that proved valuable in treating burns caused by radiation therapy.

Skin Care

Our Process

Cellusana uses raw materials from the purest sources, combined with state-of-the-art hygienic manufacturing processes that ensure a finished product superior to others on the market. Along with the purest ingredients, our close attention to ongoing research into cell science means that Cellusana provides the best for your skin. We invite you to test our claims and experience the amazing difference for yourself.

Each Cellusana product works to support the natural function of the skin, taking effect at the cellular level by activating new cell production and renewing tired cells, using the perfect combination of natural ingredients and cell peptides to renew damaged tissue and provide younger-looking, healthy skin.

Every skin care product from Cellusana incorporates the CARE® Principle, the basis for our unique combination of stem cell technology and balanced cosmetic creations.


C - Cell Peptide Formula

Cellusana’s cell peptides penetrate deep to ignite collagen production for smoother and firmer skin tone, giving your skin a more youthful look and feel.

A - Activate New Cell Production

Your skin will feel refreshed with our proprietary cell peptide formula supporting the natural function of the skin, activating new cell production and stimulating cell metabolism.

R - Renew Cells Damaged by Environmental Factors

Cellusana activates cells to function as a protective barrier, fighting the harmful effects of the environment and slowing the ageing process.

E - Effective: Hydrating, Firming and Nourishing

Cellusana penetrates deep, moisturizing and working to stimulate the skin’s ability to retain moisture, making your skin feel unbelievably smooth and supple.