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"I use Cellusana everyday and I love it!"
I have a very active lifestyle which causes me to be pretty hard on my skin and my skin dries out easily. When my friend suggested that I try this cream. I agreed and took a sample. After just one application I noticed that my skin was smoother and as I continued to use this cream  my face began to glow and clear up. Pretty soon  my fines line were gone and I mean gone. My pores are smaller and my skin is tighter and well hydrated. I even use alot less make up.
Timi- 38
"It isn't marketed as an acne cream so I didn't anticipate it would clear my face"
Let me start by saying Cellusana has changed my life! Until recently I had never experienced skin problems such as acne. Being that I'm almost 30 I truly believed it was something I would never have to worry about. Almost out of nowhere I started to notice my lower jaw line was breaking out, and within a few days it moved upwards and my cheeks were also breaking out. I spent hours in the mirror and any free time on the internet to research adult acne. It had really started to effect my self esteem so I decided to go see an esthetician. She evaluated my skin, and told me that not only do I have "adult acne" the wrinkle lines on my forehead from squinting were in need of major attention as they would only continue to get deeper. She then pointed out that I have early signs of "crows feet" (the wrinkles on the sides of your eyes) and asked what type of face cream I used....I had never thought about the prevention of wrinkles, and would have thought to have many more years to do such if needed. Boy was I wrong. Apparently women start to show noticeable wrinkles around 28, and I was almost 30.
She informed me that I should be using a wrinkle cream nightly and needed to find a acne product for daily use each morning. Again, I was off to the internet for more research. I had tried products such as Proactive without results. At my children's sports function I overheard some mom's talking about an amazing day/night cream that in only a short time showed amazing results. So I began to speak with them and inquired about the product. It was CELLUSANA! It isn't marketed as an acne cream so I didn't anticipate it was clear my face. Also I was skeptical as it was a bit out of my price range, but I took a chance. I've now been using this product only 2 weeks but can see dramatic results already! Not only has my face started clear up, it's glowing and feels firmer and softer already! I would definitely recommend this product to women of any age! Thank you Cellusana!
Shawna- 29
" I am very pleased with all three Cellusana products." 

I have sensitive skin so I'm always concerned with how my skin will react when I start using a new product. The first thing I noticed when I used all the products was the natural scent, no heavy perfume scents. The products are very concentrated but lightweight 
in texture, so a little goes a long way. My skin was soft and had a glow to it after just the first use of the moisturizers. My fine lines were minimized after a few weeks after using the night cream. I use the ampules twice weekly to give my skin an added boost. I 
am very pleased with all three Cellusana products. 
Diana- 50

"The serum is amazing ! I feel like it is actually repairing the tissue around my nose!"
I can tell you that I'm pleasantly surprised by the results so far . I haven't found any other product that actually penetrates at a level where my skin feels hydrated continually even later in the day and first thing in the morning. The serum is amazing ! I feel like it is actually repairing the tissue around my nose! Also, I love the serum so much that I have been using it in the daytime and evening.  I'm very pleased and am excited! I am continuing to use  Cellusana. 

"The best part of the cream to me is the absorption time which is within 30 seconds."
I feel that my skin is brighter. I have combination skin, oily in the t zone. I don't feel oily in the t zone any more. I don't feel I have put on any skin care. Amazing! So I know it works in the skin. I have pimples all the time and  I have had to deal with that all my life.  I have noticed that the scars on my pimples heals faster. 
Yuki- 28
"My face feels and looks smooth and younger"
I really like the results I see, after using Cellusana creams for only a month and half. I have already seen some amazing changes in my face, by using the Ampoules serum every day, the wrinkles around my eyes, and forehead are tightening up. With continuous use of the Cellusana cream day and night my face feels and looks smooth and younger. 
Rosa- 46