Derived from the science of cell research
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About Cellusana USA
Allow your inner beauty to shine through...

Decades of research and development to treat burns and other skin abnormalities, Vermonde has launched their beauty product, Cellusana in the United States.

The cosmetic treatment of Cellusana beauty products are scientifically proven skin treatments which revitalize defective skin. The Cellusana Skin Care Series consist  of high-quality cosmetic formulations that are designed to preserve the juvenile beauty and resilience of the skin and to reduce the adverse effects of stress, environmental conditions and natural aging of the skin to a minimum.   

This  recipe is the only beauty product with a formula that is not plant or synthetic.  This product meets the highest requirements according to the initial basic materials.  It contains active herbal and skin protecting ingredients. Fluid losses are compensated and the subcutaneous tissue is much better supplied with blood resulting in higher resilience in tissue.